Recalling Unspoken Words on Graduation Day

My feelings on watching you, my son, graduate from school  represent something of an oxymoron- an apparent contradiction in terms. I’m awash with sad happiness and aching joy. It seems like just yesterday, I led you by the hand to Montessori.  It is incredible to find a confident young person on the threshold of a challenging life. Perhaps my feelings are that much more poignant because the next  phase of  life will pan out overseas,  some distance away from your familiar environment.

We ( your father and I)  however are filled with the assurance of having given you the best education possible, in consonance with our goals for you.

You have attended a school ( Indus International School, Bangalore) founded with the dream of creating tomorrow’s leaders. As such, one hopes you are powered  by the confidence of climbing the very top rungs of the ladder, of being among  the  movers and shakers of the future . Simultaneously, we hope you will combine personal achievement with compassion, delving into those reserves of  sensitivity in stretching a helping hand to those below and aiding their upliftment.

May you imbibe knowledge thoroughly, but at the end of the learning process, contribute your own unique insights to the existing body of knowledge.

We hope you’ll have lots of friends and company wherever you go in life. Even as the bonds of human companionship sustain you, be prepared for your own inner strength to do the things that you believe in, whether or not they are backed by general opinion.  It would be especially nice that school chums will always be part of a core support group for each other – something extremely possible in the age of facebook, as I myself discovered in a recent classmates re-union.

I wouldn’t be wrong in guessing that you will be swimming with the global mainstream that your curriculum has prepared you for. I think the very name of your school, Indus, has its symbolic significance evoking a  great sub-continental river system and an ancient civilisation, which fruitfully interacted with other great civilisations of its time, and held its own, flowing  forward into the unending ocean of Indian heritage. Even as you absorb and assimilate the lifestyle offerings of various lands, it might be worthwhile throwing in the aspects of your own heritage to enrich the flavour of the global melting pot.

The days ahead  will be rich with challenge and promise. Academic success  is most often an automatic stepping stone to life’s other achievements and opportunities.  Utilise the precious gift of time to achieve the optimum result that will power you on to other things.  But remember, whatever the outcome, you are a unique individual,  with your own  worth, dear to your parents and special  to your mentors. I hope life will brim with many opportunities that suit you.

Never cease to believe in yourself, to follow your dreams, to chase your stars,  and to be there for all  those who need you.

From the depths of my heart, you are warmly wished success in your approaching endeavour and indeed the bigger test of life.

( As it happened, my child had a beautiful Graduation Day in April, 2011 followed by an enjoyable Prom. He did extremely well in the International Baccalaureat exams, and has just departed for the next phase of his academic life at the famous University of St Andrews in Scotland)


About proteanpen

Giselle Mehta, an entrepreneur, engages in writing, theater,public speaking and activities with a creative/intellectual stimulus. She is the author of the acclaimed novel "Blossom Showers."
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