Flushed with the Pink City

Book Release by Meenakshi Hooja IAS, Prof Kanta Ahuja & Mr HC Parekh

I had taken in the intriguing sites of Jaipur five years earlier. My visit in November 2011 was to share

my novel  “Blossom Showers” with its  reading public.  The venue was the Reliance Time Out store at Pink Square Mall in The Pink City.

I particularly enjoyed the event with its constellation of erudite dignitaries.

Prof. Kanta Ahuja, former Vice Chancellor of Rajasthan University professed herself intrigued with the title of the book as unusual from the standpoint of their own geographical setting. She admired the enormous non-fiction elements in the novel  and the underlying research that had gone into the content she encountered. She also lauded my writing as a woman in the intimate persona of two   male protagonists with understanding and sensitivity. Prof Ahuja was happy to be  afforded glimpses of a West Coast socio-cultural setting, as also that of coffee planting in the Western Ghats which was not previously known to them, and also discerned some common  points  with North Indian culture.

Mrs Meenakshi  Hooja, IAS, Chairman of the Rajasthan Revenue Board and herself a prolific writer on public affairs and poetry was admirably eloquent from an author’s viewpoint, describing ” Blossom Showers”  as “gripping and  un-put-downable. ” She praised the focus on  human psychology, which I myself hold to be an intended focus of my writing. I’m glad she intuited it as a realistic work, true to life in depicting human success and failure at the same time. It is impressive that a saga  mixing joy with sorrow finally ends on a positive note with an optimistic message, she concluded.

Mr HC Parekh of Mumbai, President – Elect of the International Book Readers’ Association, India Chapter shared his association with the book, right from gauging its promise as Chief Guest at its maiden launch in Mangalore. He found the historical aspects especially appealing, he said. Mr Parekh shared with the gathering encouraging  instances of  feedback from  his Mumbai  circle in the wake of my launch in that city.

My concluding speech conveyed that the fertile locations of my novel are different from Rajasthan’s arid golden sands. But these locations have something in common  being outside the metropolitan mainstream but  possessing a socially sophisticated and  aristocratic lifestyle that is not otherwise widespread. I proceeded to share other features and representative extracts of ” Blossom Showers” . An inter-active session followed with interesting questions.

The gathering was an intimate and intelligent one, attended by eminent people such as Dr. Rakesh Hooja,( Retd IAS and author who now heads IIPA, New Delhi), Dr Ashok Singhvi ( IAS),  PC  Mathur( Editor, Indian Book Chronicle), Rajan Mahan of NDTV, respected academics  and Jaipur’s book lovers.

After the event, I unwound sharing aspects of my novel and persona with New Yorker Will Foster who is presently with DNA Jaipur. There was a good amount of coverage, I understand, not all of which I have yet accessed, some of it in Hindi newspapers.    However, before I left the Pink City at 6.30 AM the next morning, a copy of the DNA was co-incidentally under my door with Will’s thoughtful coverage of the previous evening. I could  leave the city with happy  memories of  its warm and welcoming residents.


About proteanpen

Giselle Mehta, an entrepreneur, engages in writing, theater,public speaking and activities with a creative/intellectual stimulus. She is the author of the acclaimed novel "Blossom Showers."
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  1. Jaspal Singh says:

    Prof. P.C. Mathur has been engaged in teaching, research and publishing since long, with commitment, and devolotion. I wish him all the best.

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