My Longest Ever Birthday

I knew it would be a birthday longer than the usual 24 hours.I simply didn’t anticipate just how long it would be.
It was 2.30 pm in the afternoon and I was chomping on a delicious vegan BLT wrap when I realized that notionally it would have begun in India. Sure enough that’s when the greetings started streaming in. The next 36 hours passed in a flurry of pleasant activity. Lightening up with a slapstick Broadway musical. A romantic stroll through Times Square at midnight, during which I was encouragingly informed that my inner glow exceeded the glitz of that brightly illuminated place. Making some new connects, reviving older links. Some quick last minute shopping and sights from the tramcar to Roosevelt island and an evening cruise on the Hudson. The best of all was not having to cook my own birthday spreads but to partake the exquisite fare of New York’s numerous vegan restaurants,paired up with exquisite organic cocktails.
I should have called it a day at 12 am of the 26th except that the night never intervened. A serious paperwork issue cropped up with an unforgiving 5 pm deadline in American time, and I could only sort it out at the equivalent of morning time in India. So the next few hours alternated between phone and email as I navigated back and forth between the desks of individuals a,b,c,d, e and f. The deadline was 5pm in the USA but the organization in India would shut its systems by 4.00pm IST, equating with 6.30 am by American time. After which I had to finish the last of my packing and cleaning up of the apartment in Manhattan we had temporarily regarded as home for the time of our stay in New York. I had just 5 minutes between hammering out my last email and exit, with the man who had admired me in Times Square now fretting about how late it was, that chauffeurs in the USA weren’t in the habit of calling, that the car sent by the airline wouldn’t wait beyond the appointed time and we’d be stuck for last minute arrangements. As things stood, we arrived just in the nick of time for the waiting car..Just minutes before I boarded my flight I received the reassuring news that my red-eye night indeed yielded fruit. Things had fallen in place and the required information had reached its destination. It struck me that as much as a calendar year is a mixed bag of stuff, so can be the day that heralds it, and that attitude determines outcomes.
Previously taut with tension, there was now triumph in my tread as I stepped out of New York and onto the upper deck of an A380, the world’s largest aircraft. Just as well because DB’s secret post-birthday surprise would have gone in vain if I came with a messed-up mood. I might have handled the paperwork problem even with the personal I-pads and wifi in its state of the art facilities, but with things having worked out, I didn’t need to. Instead I surrendered to its luxurious languor and lovely pampering. Lots of champagne and fine wines kept up the party spirit.


About proteanpen

Giselle Mehta, an entrepreneur, engages in writing, theater,public speaking and activities with a creative/intellectual stimulus. She is the author of the acclaimed novel "Blossom Showers."
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